Should poor countries continue to receive international aid essay

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Essay topics: Many developing countries require aid from international organisations to develop. Many people think that this aid should be financial, while others think that practical aid and advice are more useful. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. People have different views about the kind of support that wealthy nations should provide for poorer ones.

Although some say that non-financial support is beneficial for poor countries, my own view is that international aid should be in the form of finance. There are several reasons to believe that practical assistance and advice are what developing countries need. Firstly, an effective education system is a key factor in the growth of a country, so advice on how to build such a system should be given to less wealthy countries.

For example, since the Vietnamese school curriculum focuses heavily on theories, students cannot apply what they learn into practice and come up with creative ideas, which is why the country fails to make technological and economic progress. Advice and instructions from developed countries are therefore expected to help Vietnam improve their education system.

Secondly, foreign assistance can also be given in terms of providing human resources.

Should Poor Countries Continue to Receive International Aid Essay Sample

By having an additional number of well-educated and knowledgeable individuals work in their nations, hopefully less developed countries can escape from poverty. However, I believe that financial support would be more useful for poorer nations. One argument is that even valuable ideas for education reform may be irrelevant if a country is financially disadvantaged.

Deaton and his supporters offer dozens of examples of humanitarian aid being used to support despotic regimes and compounding misery, including in Zaire, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Somalia, Biafra, and the Khmer Rouge on the border of Cambodia and Thailand. Western countries stopped giving aid to Taya after his government became too politically repressive, but he managed to get the taps turned on again by becoming one of the few Arab nations to recognize Israel.

Deaton acknowledges that, in some cases, this might be worth it to save lives. The old calculus of foreign aid was that poor countries were merely suffering from a lack of money. There are better and worse ways to distribute foreign aid, they say. In the last decade, researchers have tried to integrate these lessons from economists and argue for more effective aid practices.

These methods have again led to a swell in optimism in professional circles about foreign aid efforts.

Discuss the advantage and disadvantage of giving international aid to poor countries.

The success of a local project, like microfinancing, also depends on numerous other local factors, which are harder for researchers to isolate. The science of measuring economic effects is much more important, much harder and more controversial than we usually think, he told The Post. And I think the foreign aid area, that policy arena, really riled him up because it was so lacking in rigor but also so grandiose in its claims.

Instead, many of the positive things that are happening in Africa — the huge adoption in cell phones over the past decade, for example — are totally homegrown. He points out that, while the world has made huge strides in reducing poverty in recent decades, almost none of this has been due to aid.

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This article is published in collaboration with Washington Post. Publication does not imply endorsement of views by the World Economic Forum. World Economic Forum articles may be republished in accordance with our Terms of Use. The views expressed in this article are those of the author alone and not the World Economic Forum. Corrupted ruling or corrupted politics cause the distribution of money unfair. Nevertheless lack of skilled work force or limited technology ,inefficient institution block the access of aided money for poorer people who in need indeed with their basic human needs such as food,water, housing.

The most important thing about the money is misusing by government undisciplined agents. There are so many poverty reduction methods which can be easily implemented rather than donating money. Among those proposals supporting to fuel the agricultural industry by facilitating fertilizer at reasonable prize, confirming arable land possesion. Fostering all levels of education ,health security by immunization , infrastructure facilities long term development projects confirms better poverty alleviation strategies for underdeveloped nations.

All development aids should not be tied aids which donar countries block the sustainable trade. To sum up, although money makes a good opportunity for poverty reduction , there are sustainable measures tackle poverty. Posted by: deepika Saturday, June 11, at I don't recommend using phrases like this: "A sound argument can be made supporting my view point with sufficient data". You don't have any data in the exam you only have your own ideas and opinions so this phrases seems memorised and 'unnatural' in the context.

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Posted by: Simon Saturday, June 11, at I am afraid, i could not find a teacher yet, because IELTS learning takes much fees here in sri lanka, i will try to go through your advice. Posted by: deepika Sunday, June 12, at Thanks simon for your response i m practicing from ur websit and really found it helpful. Posted by: jiya khan Sunday, June 12, at Posted by: Moka Sunday, June 12, at In our modern world which is becoming smaller , countries are interacting with each other in unprecedented way.

Poverty in one country can affect the way of life in another country. The aid money given to many poor countries around the world has not worked, poverty is not alleviated. What is wrong , there must be something which is to be given but not yet given-. The phenomenal failure of aid money given by the west to the poor countries around the world is not hitting the target. The commonest cause of poverty in the poor countries is lack of people driven approach to the governance and to the economics. In many of these countries there is no social contract theory of governance. Governments are imposed either by their own gun or by the wheel of the west.

So economic stand still-whatever aid come to the country ends up in the pocket of political elite class of the regime- that is a dead end. The debt will be paid by the next generation-what a shame! Indeed, poor countries need aid but the aid must be an idea which motivates or put into action the natural resource of poor nations. Aiding them in planning , education, exchange of experience and above all siding with the people and preparing the ground for genuine law and order.

Justice must be dispense it with free and fair election. There must be a law conducive for investment not slanting one side. Countries will develop through investment channeled with the rule of the law. In conclusion, countries need each other. No donor fatigue or dependency syndrome, every body for himself and the devil text the hind most. The skies are limit if the equation like this. Posted by: Jemal Sunday, June 12, at Posted by: Simon Monday, June 13, at The demands of people is unlimited and covering the whole demands of mankind is impossible with limited resources on earth.

Therefore, governments should find the ways on more environmentally friendly resources of energy in order to maintain healthy life. In this case I completely agree that governments have to carry out more effort to provide echo-friendly and renewable energy sources. In economical terms, investing money on technologies to generate renewable energy sources is much more beneficial than those of conventional ways currently being used.

For example, Germany, Denmark and the UK are saving a colossal amount of money by using solar panels and windmills these days. With the help of them, they reduced their expenditure on generating electricity. It is because there is no place on earth that we can not find sunlight or wind. In other words, we face them everywhere and they are renewable. Another good means of alternative energy source is wave powers which produce electricity with the help of water.

The process of making electricity is simple and effective while waves are created themselves in the coastline of oceans the devices simply produce electricity. As far as environment is concerned, using alternative energy sources such as solar, wind and wave is overwhelmingly useful and enables us to create more greenhouse so that human beings will have ecologically pure life.

In other words, they are natural resources and we do not need to burn fossil fuels like oil and coal emitting carbon dioxide, instead we use sunlight, wave and water which are environmentally acceptable. In conclusion, I completely agree that governments have to utilise and promote the usage of eco-friendly and renewable energy sources so that the enhance the life in both economically and environmentally.

Posted by: Bakhtiyor Wednesday, June 15, at Posted by: Simon Wednesday, June 15, at Posted by: Bakhtiyor Thursday, June 16, at Hi Simon. I wrote the introduction! Is it ok?

The question about helping poor nations has sparked a heated debate of whether wealthy countries should supply them money or not. I strongly believe that subsidizing poor nations with money is not the best way for them to exterminate their poverty and this is not a favorable choice of many rich nations. Posted by: Tu Saturday, June 18, at Posted by: Simon Monday, June 20, at It has been noticed in the past that the youngsters do not have proper guidance about the financial aspects of their life.

Financial education is an indispensable tool which makes the civilians an efficient worker who can manage their monetary well. But some people believe that it is learned by experience. The factors which favour the statement: Firstly it has been seen that children and youngsters often lack knowledge about financing for example if one has to apply for an education loan they had to rely totally upon their parents as they are not familiar with the procedure and they hardly understand the terminologies that are used in banks.

Secondly the children would be able to apprehend the different policies which have been running in their countries for an instance life insurance corporation. If the financial education will be provided in schools the children would not feel any impediments for organisingtheir money matters in the future.

They will also use the money more cautiously. On the contrary of it some people think that it is not appropriate to put burden on the young generation. According to them it is reckless as they would learn it with their practical experience. Besides it can also make the children money minded. Their will develop a cynical behavious and will start seeking profit in every aspect of their lives. To concede that the advantages outweighed the disadvantages thus to protect the children from future consequences,financial education should be mandatory in early age.

It will help them to be a responsible civilians.

Posted by: jaz Thursday, August 18, at I'm afraid I don't offer essay correction or feedback. If I did this for one person, everyone would send me their essays. Posted by: Simon Thursday, August 18, at Posted by: simran Sunday, August 21, at Posted by: SImon Monday, August 22, at Is it the same argument as, Whether richer countries should share their wealth with the poorer nations or is it the responsibility of the government?

IELTS 2 test2. Posted by: Moka Sunday, October 30, at Dear Simon, Please advise me how to plan task 2 during exam ,should I rephrase first then say for eg paragraph one will answer this part,paragraph 2 that part parag 3 concl and opinion Thx a lot. You can try both ways and see which you prefer, but I recommend spending about 10 minutes planning ideas details for each paragraph before starting.

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Have a look at this lesson:. Posted by: Simon Monday, October 31, at To a certain extent, I agree that directly giving money to developing countries can tackle the problems of poverty. However, I also believe that there are a variety of other methods can be also done to help those countries.

should poor countries continue to receive international aid essay Should poor countries continue to receive international aid essay
should poor countries continue to receive international aid essay Should poor countries continue to receive international aid essay
should poor countries continue to receive international aid essay Should poor countries continue to receive international aid essay
should poor countries continue to receive international aid essay Should poor countries continue to receive international aid essay
should poor countries continue to receive international aid essay Should poor countries continue to receive international aid essay
should poor countries continue to receive international aid essay Should poor countries continue to receive international aid essay
should poor countries continue to receive international aid essay Should poor countries continue to receive international aid essay
should poor countries continue to receive international aid essay Should poor countries continue to receive international aid essay
should poor countries continue to receive international aid essay Should poor countries continue to receive international aid essay

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