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That is because some governments are successful in meeting most of the expectations of its people, while some governments are successful to meet only a few expectations of its people. Still, these are not the only scenarios and you could come up with a number of other perspectives. By Prem Gaire at March 23, 0 comments. Wednesday, March 22, Laws are made by the powerful to protect their own interest. Examine this statement. By Prem Gaire at March 22, 0 comments.

Saturday, October 10, To what extent participating in online social networks improve our work and personal lives?

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First of all, it is important to understand that social networks are neutral - neither good nor bad - in themselves! So, whether they improve our work and personal lives is based upon how we use them. Thus, there are ways they can ruin or improve our lives. Personal lives Social networks help us connect with our friends, kin and relatives even when we don't have time to meet them physically, or even when they are located far away.

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Social media mediates our social relationships. We are updated about our near and dear ones on regular basis thus, our social bonds remain strong. By Prem Gaire at October 10, 3 comments. Tuesday, October 6, Is an ageing population necessarily a bad thing? Source: www.

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It is not a proper GP essay! In developed nations, an increasing proportion of senior citizens in their population has been observed. This phenomenon is known as ageing population which poses significant challenges to their economy. While the working population does not experience growth in the same ratio with the working population, the burden of supporting larger number of elderly people lies on the smaller number of working people. In other words, government's expenditure on supporting elderly population including social security and medical care, takes up a sizable proportion of country's GDP.

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This affects the nation's expenditure on other sectors such as education, infrastructure development, and the like. However, whether ageing population is really a bad thing or not requires careful examination.

By Prem Gaire at October 06, 11 comments. Monday, October 5, Can plastic use be completely replaced by biodegradable alternatives? In certain societies, gender quality is non-existent. Girls are discriminated against and are given lesser rights in many instances. Access [ Politics is the process of making decisions for the members of a certain group.

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In the context of this essay, [ So now that you are done with your introduction, it is time to get started on the body of your [ Writing a good General Paper GP essay is no different from any other piece of writing. The skills that you [ As medical science advances, people are living longer.

Certain diseases that plagued mankind are eradicated and this results in a [ No, a society cannot do without the elite. The elite are powerful people in society who control a disproportionate amount [ Home GP Articles. GP Articles Mr.

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Feel free to reference my articles and blog posts. I do hope that the content here can aid you in your study of General Paper as an A-Level subject. You will be assessed on how you analyse and evaluate issues as well as on your critical and creative thinking skills. In my articles and blog posts, I will be discussing on a range of topics relevant to A-Level General paper. I do hope to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of the subject among A-level students.

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Model essays general paper
Model essays general paper
Model essays general paper
Model essays general paper
Model essays general paper
Model essays general paper
Model essays general paper
Model essays general paper
Model essays general paper

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