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This policy of non-interference did not prevent innocent or ignorant misconceptions such as the violation of both Hindu and Muslim values that ultimately led to the Indian Mutiny in As soon as the British imposed their economic agenda on the Indians, the Indians felt aggrieved because thousands of years of their customs and beliefs were be In an Indian Councils Act was passed.

Resentment to British rule came to a head in when Indian troops stationed near Delhi staged a mutiny.

Indian Freedom Struggle

Furthermore, the mutiny forced the British government to assume direct control over the Indian subcontinent. It is a part of every Indian's life. Mahatma Gandhi The uprising that occurred in , known as the Mutiny, was the act that converted India from an independent country into a British Empire.

He returned to India to organize support for Indians in South Africa, returning later with wife and children. An example of revolution which occurred in due to the indigenous people' desires to have their own independence political, economy, culture system and wanted to free from evilness of imperialism is "Sepoy Mutiny of , in which many sepoys rebelled in a march to Delhi" Indian Mutiny. The company's political power was ended by the Indian Mutiny The empire was able to resolve the mutiny in The Indian National Congress began to push for a measure of participation in the Government of the country.

Nana Saheb

During the 20 years he was in South Africa, Gandhi struggled for the elementary rights for Indians. A demonstration against Rowlett Acts, which gave sweeping powers to the colonial authorities, resulted in a massacre of Indians in Amritsar by British soldiers. After the Mutiny of the pace of change speeded and became more extensive.

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Science pervaded every aspect of Indian life, fields ranged from literature to religion to philosophy. Indians had to have the capacity for understanding if they were to be made into modern subjects. The museums were also vital as they provided order by naming, classifying and displaying Indian artefacts'. The eye was particularly important for museums in India, as most Indians could not read. The conquest of India, which could be said to have begun with the Battle of Plassey , was practically completed by the end of Dalhousie's tenure in It had been by no means a smooth affair as the simmering discontent of the people manifested itself in many localized revolt during this period.

The rebellion

However, the Mutiny of , which began with a revolt of the military soldiers at Meerut, soon became widespread and posed a grave challenge to the British rule. Even though the British succeeded in crushing it within a year, it was certainly a popular revolt in which the Indian rulers, the masses and the militia participated so enthusiastically that it came to be regarded as the First War of Indian Independence. Introduction of zamindari system by the British, where the peasants were ruined through exorbitant charges made from them by the new class of landlords.

The craftsmen were destroyed by the influx of the British manufactured goods. The religion and the caste system which formed the firm foundation of the traditional Indian society was endangered by the British administration. The Indian soldiers as well as people in administration could not rise in hierarchy as the senior jobs were reserved for the Europeans. Thus, there was all-round discontent and disgust against the British rule, which burst out in a revolt by the 'sepoys' at Meerut whose religious sentiments were offended when they were given new cartridges greased with cow and pig fat, whose covering had to be stripped out by biting with the mouth before using them in rifles.

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The Hindu as well as the Muslim soldiers, who refused to use such cartridges, were arrested which resulted in a revolt by their fellow soldiers on May 9, The rebel forces soon captured Delhi and the revolt spread to a wider area and there was uprising in almost all parts of the country. Rani Lakshmibai was proclaimed the ruler of Jhansi who led her troops in the heroic battles with the British. These soldiers lost their means of livelihood. They became bitter enemies of the British. The Revolt of eventually broke out over the incident of greased cartridges. A rumour spread that the cartridges of the new Enfield rifles were greased with the fat of cows and pigs.

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Before loading these rifles the sepoys had to bite off the paper on the cartridges. Both Hindu and Muslim sepoys refused to use them. Canning tried to make amends for the error and the offending cartridges were withdrawn, but by then the damage had been done. There was unrest in several places. In March , Mangal Pandey, a sepoy in Barrackpore, had refused to use the cartridge and attacked his senior officers.

He was hanged to death on 8th April. Soon there was a rebellion in the Meerut Cantonment. The Meerut Mutiny May 9, marked the beginning of the Revolt of The Indian sepoys in Meerut murdered their British officers and broke open the jail. On May 10, they marched to Delhi. In Delhi the mutineers were joined by the Delhi sepoys and the city came under their control. But Bahadur Shah was old and he could not give able leadership to the sepoys.

The occupation of Delhi was short-lived. The British finally attacked Delhi in September. For six days there was desperate fighting. But by September , the British reoccupied Delhi.

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Thousands of innocent people were massacred and hundreds were hanged. The old king was captured and later deported to Rangoon where he died in His sons were shot dead. Thus ended the imperial dynasty of the Mughals.

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  • The revolt spread over the entire area from the neighbourhood of Patna to the borders of Rajasthan. Lucknow was the capital of Awadh. There the mutinous sepoys were joined by the disbanded soldiers from the old Awadh army. Begum Hazrat Mahal, one of the begums of the ex-king of Awadh, took up the leadership of the revolt. Finally the British forces captured Lucknow. The queen escaped to Nepal. Kanpur :. He joined the revolt primarily because he was deprived of his pension by the British. He captured Kanpur and proclaimed himself the Peshwa.

    The victory was short- lived. Kanpur was recaptured by the British after fresh reinforcements arrived. The revolt was suppressed with terrible vengeance. The rebels were either hanged or blown to pieces by canons. Nana Saheb escaped.

    essay on the sepoy mutiny of 1857 Essay on the sepoy mutiny of 1857
    essay on the sepoy mutiny of 1857 Essay on the sepoy mutiny of 1857
    essay on the sepoy mutiny of 1857 Essay on the sepoy mutiny of 1857
    essay on the sepoy mutiny of 1857 Essay on the sepoy mutiny of 1857
    essay on the sepoy mutiny of 1857 Essay on the sepoy mutiny of 1857

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