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Service Recovery

Customers remember experiences of service. With regard to service businesses, the age old saying should be revised as To err is human; to recover, divine "The Profitable Art of Service Recovery", Lowenstein, M. Zeithaml, V. Services marketing.

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    They found out that perceived control increased customer satisfaction in the service experience, which in turn increased the desire of the customers to stay with their service provider. According to Rowley , the more sense of control the customer feel during the service experience, the more they are likely to be satisfied with the service.


    Although the article presents useful information on service recovery in online shopping environments, the author did not investigate on other factors that can affect service recovery satisfaction. The research was limited to service recovery choices and perceived control. Whether there are other factors that affect service recovery factors that affect service recovery satisfaction in online shopping, the author failed to ascertain.

    The article presents different strategies to prevent service failure and to succeed in service recovery. Perspective of the Author. The author presented guidelines for companies to avoid service failures and to implement service recovery successfully. According to the author, many organizations spend considerable resources in attracting new customers. Maintaining current customers, however, is not given priority.

    The author argued that keeping a company's existing customers can be easier and more advantageous for the company. The author also pointed out that there is no perfect service system, and that failures in service are bound to happen. When service failure occurs, it is important that the company regains the customer's confidence.

    Service Recovery Effects on Customer Satisfaction Essay

    This is where service recovery enters. One key issues discussed in the article is service recovery paradox. Service recovery can be an opportunity for the company to achieve higher customer satisfaction and loyalty Michel, It has been argued in the article that the best way to deal with service failure is to avoid them happening. This entails that the company find new ways of managing customer relations. In order to avoid failures the company must identify failure points and find ways to avoiding them. Other factors that may minimize service failures are environment, employee empowerment and communication.

    According to the research conducted by Bitner service failures can be minimized if the service environment is organized. Customers are found to perceive that there will be few service failures if employees are empowered and effective in communicating Sparks et al. Service recovery is considered in the article as an important factor in customer satisfaction. Complaints are not considered as a negative occurrence, rather an opportunity for both parties to resolve the issue or problem through service recovery.

    Service Failure and Service Recovery

    There are different service recovery strategies. Service recovery will impact customers' post service satisfaction. If the company employ moderate to high service recovery efforts, customer satisfaction will be achieved. On the other hand, if the company fail to employ appropriate service recovery efforts, customer dissatisfaction will also increase. It is interesting that in service oriented businesses such as hotels, restaurants and airlines, customer complaints and service failures can be grouped into three which has "employee response" as their core.

    The three groups of customer complaints and service failures are employee responses of service delivery system failures, the responses of employees to the needs and requests of the customers, and employee reactions which are unsolicited. Again, the importance of frontline staff training and education is highlighted. Complaints and service failures are found to spring up from ineffective service delivery. The article provides a wide collection of information and ideas for operations managers and service providers.

    The author was able to gather useful information and was able to present them in such a way that readers will gain insights that will help them in avoiding failures and making sure that service recovery efforts will become successful. The article adds to the service recovery literature and will be a useful reference for future researchers that will embark on the topic of service failure and service recovery. The article focuses on the three dimensions of fairness and their impact on consumer perception, service recovery satisfaction and behavioral responses.

    The key issue that were investigated in the article is justice theory and the components of justice and fairness in service encounters. The components of fairness analyzed were distributive, procedural and interactional. Distributive justice in service rcovery can be defined as the perceived outcome of the transaction. Interactional fairness refers to the treatment that the customer receive during the service recovery process Smith et al, The authors aimed to investigate whether compensation, speed and apology have impacts on service recovery satisfaction.

    The authors also wanted to investigate whether it is true that service recovery attributes affect service recovery satisfaction which in turn, will affect customer behavioral responses. Another issue that the authors aimed to tackle was whether compensation affects the perception of the consumers of the "controllability" of service failure. The authors also want to test their perspective that response affects customers' stability attribution.

    The researchers found out that distributive, procedural and interactional factors affect customer service recovery satisfaction. Meaning, customers' service recovery satisfaction is affected by the outcomes, procedures and interactional style that they observe. The article is able to add useful information to the service recovery literature. The findings of the researchers was able give emphasis on the dimensions of fairness that must be considered by organizations. These dimensions of fairness were found to affect service recovery satisfaction and subsequent customer behaviors and responses.

    The findings of the researchers were also important because it stresses that immediate recovery and apology are more effective service recovery strategies rather than compensation. Again employee training and education were given particular emphasis. Although the article is useful and informative there are some limitations that were found.

    For example the researchers made use of scenario method, which hindered the respondents to fully project themselves and to give their answers in real-life service encounters.

    The finding of the researchers that compensation does not have a significant effect on service recovery satisfaction still remains to be validated as the amount of compensation that was tested in the research was minimal 20 percent discount. Future researchers can conduct a research which will test higher compensation and test whether the same result will be achieved. The article focuses on service failure and recovery in the hotel industry.

    The hotel industry is highly service-oriented. The hotel industry involves a high degree between the consumers and the service providers.

    In a service-oriented industry, where in services are rendered in every level of consumption, the rate of service failure is high. The hotel industry presents unique characteristics that can be challenging to service providers. The authors sought to analyze the different problems that occur in hotel service, the different steps that are taken to solve these problems, and the degree of satisfaction of consumers in the service recovery process.

    The hotel industry according to the author presents a case wherein the level of service quality is primarily measured through the action of the frontline staff. The hotel industry is unique because production and consumption is inseparable. Hotels also operate 24 hours a day.

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