Essay on how to bulid a bird house

Anatomy of a Birdhouse

But the essay? Even my sixth grade son, who has only written a single five paragraph essay, back in fifth grade, has an opinion on the matter, having heard his high school siblings and me rail against it for years. The five paragraph essay is not even a real thing. Well, it is a real thing because children write them, but the whole concept is ridiculous.

No one has ever had to compose one in real life. Reports, yes. Term papers, of course. Proposals, blogs, articles, speeches, most certainly.

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Five paragraphs? Are you kidding? All they know is structure.

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These are the questions I get when I work with high school and college students: Where does the thesis go? Is this a good transitional phrase? They just recognize the five-paragraph box and know how to place familiar elements into it. I know I will get pushback from accomplished English teachers for painting with such a broad brush. I welcome feedback and examples that demonstrate creativity and exploration. For better or worse, I am not the first person to bring this up.

Yes, the five-paragraph format makes explaining expository writing straightforward. And in this age of rubrics and standardization, it makes correcting papers easy:. And yes, when teaching students to move from sentence to paragraph to multi-paragraph writing, it seems to streamline the process of explaining essays and what they are meant to accomplish. When do we get to start breaking them? I run workshops where I teach English teachers to think and teach like writers.

How could they possibly teach their students to do so? Imagine you wanted to prepare kids to build houses. Save The Sparrow. There was a time when spotting a sparrow was as easy as spotting the sky. They were everywhere, living with you, nesting in your houses, giving you boundless joy by fitting around happily. But well, the challenge today is precisely this — Spot the sparrow! Try as you might, the little brown endearing bird is nowhere to be seen. Children today will simply not know one of the sights of childhood tomorrow that the children of the eighties and nineties knew.

Build a Bird house, A Do it yourself and Cheap!!!

The treacherous tomorrow that threatens our eco system is already here. Old spacious buildings have been changed to modern dwelling units that are cramped, have no skylight ventilators and no tiled rooftops.

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These tiled rooftops and ventilators were favourite nesting places for the sparrow. The old Kirana shops have been converted into malls or supermarkets, where food is found in packets. So, sparrows do not find their food grains, which were once available on the road sides. The electromagnetic radiations released from our mobile phones are also a major cause of decline in the number of sparrows. In modern agriculture, insecticides and pesticides are widely used which adversely affect the birds. Sterling Holidays has taken a small step towards saving the sparrow by designing the below illustrated bird house which is handmade and is a one-of-a-kind bird house.

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  4. View aligned curriculum. Students design innovative human shelters that are inspired and informed by animal structures. Each group is assigned an animal class, and then they gather information about shelters used by the animals in that class. After learning, comparing and contrasting the steps of the engineering design process EDP and scientific method, students review the human skeletal system, including the major bones, bone types, bone functions and bone tissues, as well as other details about bone composition.

    Students then pair-re The Olympics are introduced as the unit theme by describing the engineering required to build grand and complex event centers. Then students are introduced to the techniques of engineering problem solving, specifically brainstorming and the steps of the engineering design process. Students are introduced to the concept of energy cycles by learning about the carbon cycle. Figure 2. Robins live in nests in trees. When most people think of bird's nests, they imagine bundles of sticks nestled between tree branches, and held together with mud — a nest such as that made by robins see Figure 2.

    Some birds however, such as the blue bird or chickadee, nest in tree cavities holes in decayed tree trucks. As forests are cleared for human developments, habitats such as mature forests with decayed trees are destroyed, reducing essential habitat for cavity-nesting birds.

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    How to build birdhouse plans

    Figure 3. A human-made nesting box for birds. To help preserve or improve bird populations, people have been building and putting up nest boxes see Figures 1 and 3. Nest box programs have been successful in increasing populations of many cavity-nesting birds such as bluebirds. A birdhouse built to the following proportions is intended to attract chickadees. Dimensions will vary a bit, depending on wood thickness and bird type see References. You may want to investigate specifications that would benefit the wildlife in your region.

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    The older students can measure and cut the wood in advance and partner with the younger students to watch over them nailing the birdhouses together. If that is not possible, obtain appropriately sized wood and glue. Hardware and lumber retailers often donate wood scraps to schools. As homework or during recess, have students collect natural materials from an area in their neighborhoods where birds are found. In rural areas this might be their backyards; in more urban areas this may be a park, or along the street.

    Tell students that collecting small pieces of trash is appropriate to the mix; birds use what is available. Introduce students to tools and materials wood, hammer, nails, screws, screwdriver, tape measure , and discuss the difference between tools and materials. As necessary, review pertinent safety precautions and tool skills. After students have constructed the birdhouses and built their nests, have them research birds of interest and design shelters that meet a particular bird's needs. Evaluation: Use the following guide to grade students, assuming they did all three items: nest, worksheet and birdhouse.

    Quiz: As an alternative post-activity assessment, ask students to write descriptions of which tools were used for which tasks in creating the nests and birdhouses. Have students design their own birdhouses or come up with ideas to improve the current birdhouse designs. Build an Oriole Nest. Journey North.

    essay on how to bulid a bird house Essay on how to bulid a bird house
    essay on how to bulid a bird house Essay on how to bulid a bird house
    essay on how to bulid a bird house Essay on how to bulid a bird house
    essay on how to bulid a bird house Essay on how to bulid a bird house
    essay on how to bulid a bird house Essay on how to bulid a bird house

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