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How It All Goes Down

Miss Sasaki is finally evacuated and begins many days and weeks of being moved from one hospital or aid station to another.

John Hersey

As time goes by, order is slowly restored, but the overwhelming scene of misery and human suffering is a sharp counterpoint to the official news released from various governments. On August 9, a second bomb is dropped, this time on the Japanese city of Nagasaki. On August 15, the Emperor of Japan gives a radio address telling his people that Japan has surrendered.

Next, the horrible revelations of radiation illness commence. Kleinsorge must go to a hospital in Tokyo. He will never again regain his energy or health. Miss Sasaki, also in a hospital, is so depressed over being crippled for the rest of her life that her doctor asks Father Kleinsorge to visit her. Sasaki spends months and years analyzing the effects of the radiation and how best to treat it; he marries and begins a medical practice.

Fujii also opens a medical practice and begins socializing with the occupation officers. Nakamura and her children lose their hair and suffer from various illnesses, but because they are so poor, they cannot afford to see a doctor. Tanimoto attempts to operate his church out of his badly destroyed home. The survivors struggle on with the effects of the radiation, and attempt to find ways to manage despite their injuries.


A fifth chapter, "The Aftermath," was added later, detailing the lives of the survivors after the bombing up to Nakamura is receiving medical help for her many radiation illnesses and staying away from political rallies by the survivors, who are now called "hibakusha. Nakamura's children are grown, and she has retired from a job at a chemical company. Sasaki ran a lucrative medical practice.

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He lost his wife to cancer, and he is still haunted by the souls of those who died as a result of the bombing. Father Kleinsorge spent many years ill, both in and out of the hospital. In , he slipped and fell on ice, resulting in fractures that left him bedridden. The following year he weakened, became comatose, and died. Miss Sasaki endured numerous surgeries on her leg.

She converted to Catholicism and became a nun, helping people die in peace. Fujii died of cancer, but his life after the bombing was one of wealth and the pursuit of pleasure.

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The Reverend Mr. Tanimoto, after traveling to America several times to raise money to aid the hibakusha, has retired quietly, living out the rest of his life with vague memories that day forty years ago. Next About Hiroshima. Removing book from your Reading List will also remove any bookmarked pages associated with this title.

Are you sure you want to remove bookConfirmation and any corresponding bookmarks? Sign In. Hiroshima John Hersey. Masakazu Fujii Mrs. Terufumi Sasaki, on the other hand, remains the only uninjured doctor on the staff of the Red Cross Hospital, and in the months after the explosion he barely leaves his post, trying to stem the tide of death rising around him.

Weeks after the explosion, after Japan capitulates and Hiroshima begins to rebuild, a new terror strikes: radiation sickness. Victims become nauseated, feverish, and anemic; many people, such as Mrs. Nakamura, watch their hair fall out. The disease baffles everyone, and many, including Father Kleinsorge, never fully recover.

Review: Hiroshima by John Hersey -- Always Doing

Still, the people of Hiroshima try to return to their normal lives. In his added postscript, Hersey traces the lives of these six characters in the forty years after the atomic bomb. Father Kleinsorge and Dr. Fujii die from sudden illnesses years later.

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Nakamura and Miss Sasaki scrape their way up from the bottom to become happy and successful. After working hard and supporting her family, Mrs. Nakamura lives comfortably on a pension and a government allowance, and Miss Sasaki becomes a nun. Sasaki and Mr. Tanimoto devote their lives to helping people. Tanimoto in particular plays an important role in trying to help the victims of the bomb—most notably the Hiroshima Maidens, whose burns are so bad that they require plastic surgery.

He becomes a minor celebrity in America and somewhat unsuccessfully tries to spread a message of peace in a time of nuclear escalation. In the end, Hersey finds that the horrors of nuclear war are far from over—the citizens of Hiroshima still suffer from aftereffects, and nuclear escalation continues to threaten the entire world.

Hersey also finds that these six people show, in the aftermath of the bomb and the war, remarkable feelings of good will, reconciliation, and pride. Home Literature Hiroshima Plot Overview.

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Hiroshima by: John Hersey. Character List Mrs.

essay on hiroshima by f.raphael Essay on hiroshima by f.raphael
essay on hiroshima by f.raphael Essay on hiroshima by f.raphael
essay on hiroshima by f.raphael Essay on hiroshima by f.raphael
essay on hiroshima by f.raphael Essay on hiroshima by f.raphael
essay on hiroshima by f.raphael Essay on hiroshima by f.raphael
essay on hiroshima by f.raphael Essay on hiroshima by f.raphael
essay on hiroshima by f.raphael Essay on hiroshima by f.raphael
essay on hiroshima by f.raphael Essay on hiroshima by f.raphael

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